Pac Bell Park

The game was really good.

But out there, the park's the thing.

The left field beachers made us feel like a part of the game. These action pics include a homerun swing by Tsuyoshi Shinjo, but I can't claim to know which pic. In the photo center immediately above, you can see the ball going into this guy's mitt -- only it didn't. He dropped it.
We walked around behing the plate. The park is amazing in that you are never very far from the action it seems. Bay people will tell you that you must get the garlic fries. I will not tell you that. But there is a lot of great food and drink there. Just don't forget the $$.
The sleeping couple is John Bartron and Lisa Young. They bought the tickets to the game. We stayed at their place which is way cool and featured on another photo page. I thought it odd that the train stations sell miniatures and cans of beer.

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