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The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

My very first column on Start was about the 1998 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. I've been doing this weekly for a full year. So much has happened in that time. We bought a house last May. I bought a CD writer last week. I also bought a new Olympus digicam last week. That's why I've had no time to write anything. I'd like to do a retrospective on this past year here, but by now I know better than to commit to writing anything in particular. Besides, I'm much more into visual stuff now, becoming quite the digital shutterbug. All the photos below were taken with my new digicam. I hope to write more about that too. The Olympus is better than the Nikon I was using.

This page was created with a very nifty little program advertised below. It even resized the images you will click to (although I'm not crazy about the resultant resolution). I did have to get into the code to write this stuff, but it generated the information that you see below the thumbnails, by extracting it from the camera image files. It extracted the thumbnails from the image files too. The exception is the last one but that's because I edited the file -- this wipes the info when you save it. The others are raw out of the camera. This program will be great for making photo archive CD's.

Click to see PA090062.JPG
Oct 9 1999
7:58:14 AM
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Oct 9 1999
8:02:36 AM
Click to see PA090068.JPG
Oct 9 1999
8:17:10 AM
Click to see PA090070.JPG
Oct 9 1999
8:20:21 AM
Click to see PA090084.JPG
Oct 9 1999
8:43:29 AM
Click to see PA090086.JPG
Oct 9 1999
8:49:11 AM
Click to see PA090089.JPG
Oct 9 1999
8:56:52 AM
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