Wayne's Weekly Reader

by Wayne Klick

December 30, 1998

And so we near the end of another year.  Please warm your hands.  Once again, it's time to sit by the fire, stare into the dancing flames, and muse on the transition.  I generally live life daily rather yearly.  But, as you get older and have more years to compare with the one currently passing, it's natural to stretch out your perspective a bit.

That animated fireplace isn't nearly as warm as the one I photographed to make it, but it is hypnotic like fires seem to be.

Rather than discussing what has already happened this year, perhaps we should look ahead and consider what '99 could bring us.

We already have an impeached president, but will he be convicted or just censured?  There is talk of the Senate leaders wanting a "speedy trial."  That is because they know they don't have the votes to convict him, and they will look bad enough when he is still in office after the trial, so they want the public to have as much time as possible to forget their failed attempt to "get Slick Willy."  I know Clinton is an a-hole, I knew that before I voted for him both in '92 and '96.  But unfortunately for the Republicans, simply being an a-hole isn't an impeachable offense.  You have to be an a-hole to do what is required to get elected, be it to the Presidency, the Senate, or the House.  This is the most grandiose case of the "pot calling the kettle black" in human history.  Having read this, you will be very interested to learn that I am employed by the Republican Party of New Mexico.  I don't think any of my workmates read this, and I know now why I haven't pushed it on them.  That's okay though, they know that I have a few (just a few) fundamental ideological differences with their general agenda.  But they still like me because I do good work.  Consider that if you are a Republican-hating Democrat.  But I digress.

The internet will continue to grow and become more and more a part of our every day lives.  Christmas causes a quasi-quantum leap in that growth.  For example, I have four sisters and three of them have been online for a while.  But just this past Christmas, my fourth sister and my Mom both got computers and established internet connections.  So the 'net has permeated our family completely.  I haven't received an email reply yet from my 78-year-old Mother, and it may take us a while to get her that far, but once she realizes that she can throw away her carbon paper and closet her old typewriter, she'll try to adjust.  I'm skeptical that we will ever get her to surf.

I like how my personal life seems to be getting better per annum.  In fact it's become a trend over the last three New Years.  This is "coincidental" with the advent of Lucy, who has now been my wife for over a year.  1999 will see us getting even more of what we want from life.  This is your safest of all bets.

This will be the first year in a thousand, to have three 9's in it.  Nine is my favorite number.  It should definitely be a good year.

Warm your ass by the fire too if you like.  Good luck in 1999 and always.

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