Wayne's Weekly Reader

by Wayne Klick

November 11, 1998

Boy I love the 'net.  Over the internet I can listen to radio broadcasts of Kansas State University football games when they don't make the TV lineup.  The feed picked up by broadcast.com comes from a radio station local to Manhattan, KS; where KSU's campus is located.  I never attended Kansas State, but I have three sisters who did, so my sentiments were determined at a young age.  I even made it to a game once in a while.

K-State is doing great this year.  They're actually ranked NUMBER ONE in the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll.  If they can handle Nebraska this Saturday, they've got a genuine shot at the National Championship.

However, listening to the radio broadcasts can be a little disarming for this Kansas transplant New Mexican -- especially the commercials.

". . . sponsored by the Kansas Beef Council."

They take me back to when I was a 10 year old kid out on the farm, before there was an internet, and the thought of having a computer in the house was beyond ridiculous.  Then, I had a little transistor radio and I would imagine the game, clutching my football with each pass, handoff, and punt return.

". . . call for your nearest John Deere dealer."

KSU wasn't too bad in those days, but during the following twenty years they didn't exactly tear it up.  Only over the last decade have they become a competitive, and now superior, football team.  The very idea that the Wildcats could ever be #1 -- geez -- it makes me dizzy even now.

". . . Beef, it's what you want."

Hearing those ads out here in vegetarian land is a real hoot.  It shows me how much my life has changed -- and boy is that an understatement.  The time warp causes me to think through all the the turns and twists of my life.  Taking off for Houston, TX when I was 19.  Bicycling to Albuquerque when I was 24.

Most of the growth has taken place since then.  I've come to know myself so much better here in the high desert of New Mexico.  Somewhere here, I somehow got the idea that I could write.  (If you disagree and decide to email and tell me so, please be kind.)  And I've become a computer geek -- daring to call myself a web designer.

Yes, I guess now I'm all grown up, having gotten married and moved into a real grown up house.  But listening to those games reminds me of my rural Kansas origins and how they will always be the foundation of who I am.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  I've been around a bit and would state flatly that the best people in the world come from Kansas.  At least this was true before K-State put together a football team.  I hope my fellow Kansans don't start to act like they're from Nebraska.

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