Wayne's Weekly Reader

by Wayne Klick

November 4, 1998

A Kokopelli

Genghis Kahn

New Mexico is a place of spiritual discovery.  A good place to branch out and challenge limitation.  Most who live here, some begrudgingly, will admit this.  Few know it before they arrive.  In fact most, so it seems, land up here through some synchronous accident.  If my best friend growing up hadn't been living here 15 years ago, I doubt that I would have stopped on my way to California.  Fortunately I never got to California in any permanent way.

I've lived in Albuquerque for most of these 15 years.  But I did spend 6 months one summer and autumn in Taos.  Regarding the spiritual nature of this land, the natives of Taos speak of it in terms of The Mountain (Taos Magic Mountain -- if you want to know what's magic about it, you'll have to come and experience its presence).  The Taoseños claim that when The Mountain calls you, you must come.  The Mountain then tests you, and either accepts or rejects you.  And if you leave, you are destined to return at some point in the future.

The tourist info calls New Mexico the "Land of Enchantment", but the people who live here paraphrase that to the "Land of Entrapment".  It's very hard to get out of here once you settle in.  A couple of years ago, I was once again on the verge of escaping to the west coast and truly thought I was on my way.  At that point I decided that New Mexico is a karma dump and that once you dump all your karma The Mountain will then let you go.  But I'm still here.  The woman who is now my wife decided that she wanted to live here and not San Francisco.  And this has proven to be a wise choice for both of us.

I guess I haven't dumped all my karma yet.

That Mountain's tough and its grip is tenacious.  It's a good thing this land is so beautiful and its climate is so temperate.  A person could be stuck in a far nastier place.

BTW, sometimes my images are more decorative than illustrative. Don't bother trying to correlate.

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