On Friday October 1, voting commences for the best photo of the month on
I would provide a more direct link but the page won't be there until then. Don't worry, if I have your email address you'll be hearing from me. :-)  They picked four different photos of my taking during September, but I want to direct you to the Landscape/Nature category and pic chosen on SEPTEMBER 9, 1999 (I think it's the best of the four).  It's of a big red rock formation at Monument Valley.  (click and see the actual photo [duh]).  NINE, NINE, NINETY-NINE.  That's the date to remember.  If I win in that category, then I get a shot at the Grand Prize.  The voting for that runs from Oct. 4 through Oct. 6.  Check back or send me an email and I'll remind you.  Or if you're curious what other photos of mine you can vote for, lemme know.

In the meantime, I've put up a few images here that I consider interesting.  I hope you agree.
The one at the upper left is a view down the chimney of our new house.

Click on any of these to get a larger view.




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