This is a digital collage of digital photos I took during a weekend evening excursion into the Nob Hill district of Albuquerque.  The Nikon digicam makes it hard to keep up with my inspirations.  I wrote some crap two weeks ago about how I was going to write up and photoillustrate our trip to Monument Valley/Mesa Verde with stuff about the camera and a book I read....oh well.  I still fully intend to do a web page with photos about the trip.  You can see what the camera can do, and the was pretty weird.  For example, this is the first sentence:

"She felt the snake between her breasts, felt him there, and loved him there, coiled, the deep tumescent S held rigid, ready to strike."
This definitely gets your attention.  But this is the second sentence:
"She loved the way the snake looked sewn onto her V-neck letter sweater, his hard diamondback pattern shining in the sun."
A Feast of Snakes, by Harry Crews.  The snakes thing (and its phallic implications) is pretty heavy throughout the book in many different forms.  It's a novel like no other that I've read.  It's not for the faint of heart nor the redneck intolerant.

I'll see ya next week.  Take care.

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