Wayne's Weekly Reader

by Wayne Klick

July 21, 1999

I won a dollar.

Therefore I want to tell everybody about a website called FreeLotto. It's just like PowerBall or whatever lottery you have in your area.  You pick six numbers and you are entered in their drawing for that day.  You can play up to three times.  And it's FREE.  Yeah, free.  I matched three of six numbers back on June 7.  I didn't even know this until I got a check in the mail, for one dollar.  If you match four you win $5, five and you win $300, but if you match all six you win $1,000,000!  They've had no million dollar winners yet.  It costs no money but in order to enter your numbers you have to click on one of three ad banners displayed next to the number board.  You don't have to go through the site or anything, just click on the banner which opens another window.  Give it a shot.  What the hell?


This is getting a little clichéd, but once again I am dazzled by the miracle of the web.

Last week's column was a poem I wrote for the wedding of James & Emiliana, two close friends of ours.  I own a digicam, which my wife Lucy and I took to the affair.  Since processing of digital photos is free, unless you want actual prints, there is no reason to be economical in your shot selection.  Between the two of us we took over a hundred photos; before, after, and during the ceremony.

(I ran out of diskettes.  Fortunately the computer revolution has reached the B & B where the wedding took place, and I managed to bum a couple off the manager.)

We were there from 3pm until about 1am.  The wedding was at 6, and I had to be there early to practice.  We got everyone in all stages of partyness.  From pre-rites jitters, to sober release after "I DO", to the completely drunken lunacy of celebration.

I like to put up web pages.  Most of those I know now have access to the Worldly Wonderful Web, including the bride and groom and their families.  I had all these photos, some quite choice, sizzling on my hard drive.  Also I have my own domain, and along with it an ample supply of server byte-space.  Put all that together with nothing to do on a Sunday evening, and Netscape Composer which makes slapping up a few pages with a few photos each no challenge at all, and whallah(sp?) an online photo album!  I had originally thought that this would be a fun and easy way to share our pics with the lucky couple, and it is.  But James' Mom, Betty, is online too, and when she got word of this web site, she really kicked the promotion machine in the ass!  (why it didn't occur to me that she would do this...sometimes my own lack of foresight amazes me...)  The next day an email from Betty nearly filled a screen in my web email interface with just the addresses she sent to.  Not that I mind at all.  I guess the web is my current stage of choice, and any performer loves an audience.  I am in fact such a ham, that tonight I put up more photos, with more to come in the near future.  And these are just the pics Lucy and I took.  I saw many cameras at the wedding and I have a scanner too.  [btw, if you go there, it's just photos, no captions, i didn't do it with the general public in mind]

We received a phone message from Emiliana (naturally, I was online when she called so we didn't get to talk to her) saying that "it's great to see some pictures".  I guess the chemical photographic process is so slow (how does that work anyway?) that they had seen very few photos of their own wedding before I put up the website.

Through the techno-magic of digital photography and the World Wide Web, we were able to rock a lot of folks' worlds overnight.  A better rush I have never experienced.  It's a thrill to be of such service to those we love.

A side note:  Last week I finished a redux of my employer's website.  I put many hours of laborious coding and designing into this project, and it was great to finish it, announce it, and get direct positive feedback from my Congresswoman among others.  But the "rush" didn't come close to that which arose from the hour or two I put into James and Emily's page.  I'll likely write another column soon about my ongoing philosophical conflict with my job, and doing my art for a cause that I'm not really into.  It's interesting -- at least to me.

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