Wayne's Weekly Reader

by Wayne Klick

July 14, 1999

Hi Y'all,

I have a very good excuse for not writing a fresh column last week.  I was writing a poem to read in the wedding of two very close friends of ours, the now Mr. & Mrs. James and Emiliana Whiton.  So, instead of writing a new column this week, I'll simply set forth said poem along with a few photos of the wedding taken by Lucy, my wife.  We hope you enjoy them.

Irresistibly Drawn

When our galaxy formed,
oh about a zillion zillion years ago,
two stars,
a zillion zillion miles apart,
started moving toward the center of the galaxy,
irresistibly drawn.

Emily & JamesAs the solar systems formed
and the spiral of the galaxy took shape
the two stars continued,
irresistibly drawn,
to move toward the core vortex of it all.

The one at the far end of the galaxy
moved quickly and erratically,
stopping and starting in straight lines
to dodge comets,
sometimes getting lost in nebulae,
and sometimes getting mixed up
in gravitational pulls
that hindered its movement forward,
irresistibly drawn,
toward the center of the galaxy.

The other star,
from the near side
Wayne reading his poem.moved more
and patiently,
curving around meteor showers
and arcing over asteroid belts,
irresistibly drawn,
like the other,
to the point
from where all the other points
 Irresistably drawn
they move toward each other
seeking an as yet unseen place,
a place unseen yet known forever,
each finding their own way,
by their own way,
until they reach the center
and their paths begin to spiral up,
Wayne exiting grimly.around each other,
spiraling up
they come ever closer,
irresistibly drawn
to one another
until at their mutual crescendo
they join -- as one.

This day is that crescendo.

Today we are at the center of the cosmos.

Let us celebrate as James & Emily shine brightly, for us, and for eternity.

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