The RavenHawk
flies off into the sky
telling stories of the past
moving into future
shocking blue dreams
of life saving grace
under pressure
to perform
well in front of others
going deep into the chasmic
midnight moon
halved and quartered
until full of wine
caskets empty
made of plastic
explosive romances
die out quickly
when doused with water
and inflamed
with too much
lustful expression
during sex
through brown eyes
glassy with sweat
up and down
up and down
in and out
in and out
your mouth
works miracles of feeling
you up your naked slender legs
like fountains of power
full of passion
trimmed pubics
in a Texas bed
all night all day
after 6th Street
before oatmeal
pulsing heat
shared showers
you burn me
alarm at 6 a.m.
for more before work
dining room
living room
mustang backseat
afternoon during Star Trek
shopping mall bathroom
slim like a sword
you move
up and down
in and out
side inside
the room
outside the window
black night
more and more
until the flame dies
then two silent celibate weeks
and the bus leaves.


Wayne's Writings