A Really Cool Place in the Redwoods

Sequoia Seminar

If you are a non-profit and want to have a sleepover and talk about things....
Sequoia Seminar
The property has a bunch of these comfy/cozy little hovels called chalets. Fireplace. No TV. No Phone. We stayed in the one at above left. Above right is the view down from the deck of the chalet. Many steep hills in this area near Ben Lomond, CA. This is a very interesting piece of artwork on the property. The plaque describes it...
According to the locals all seven pieces are cut from the same piece of metal. woo. By now you should be familiar with John's back. That's Lisa's and Lucy's backs. This place is a redwood jungle. That's what they should call it: Redwoods Jungle
Ah, now it gets a little more interesting.
This tour fell on the summer solstice. Obviously there were celebrants of this sacred event staying on the grounds.
This is what happens when you place a cold milk crate onto a hot burner iron. Make a note.
Sometimes on these trips I get a little too anal about documenting things. Saturday morning when we left John & Lisa's we did laundry in Boulder Creek. We ate breakfast at the place across the street, pictured above. Neither was the least bit remarkable.

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