Rock Creek Campsite

French Camp

North of Bishop, CA

These photos are of course from the road between Las Vegas and the border with California. Some landscapes are so uninteresting that you have to photograph them. I think the barren nothingness reflects some deep aspect of the soul, that you suddenly want to capture, because the reflection is so brutally honest that it cannot be escaped. You just can't lie to yourself out here.
If you look closely at the above abstracts you can tell what they really are. If you are wondering why the sleeping bags are so colorful, we actually went off and forgot ours. We had to buy replacements. These were right inside the front door at the Big KMart in Las Vegas, and for $12, it was just too easy.

That's not the moon. Sorry.

When camping I sometimes I get bored after dark and try to make art photos.
The campsite at Rock Creek was quite beautiful. I have many pictures of the tent. If you look closely at the piles of rock you will see a visitor. He posed for some time. My wife poses all the time though.

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