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 Neon · Smoke · Fog 


Each link goes to a page of thumbnail photographs. Each thumbnail if clicked will open a page with a larger version of the photo. On the individual photo pages are links that allow you to cycle through the set if you want to look at all of them up close -- and I'm sure you will. For play-by-play coverage of the trip as it happened you can start at this entry in my weblog. You'll have to work backwards from there.

Hoover Dam

Las Vegas

Rock Creek
Rock Creek Campsite
Rock Creek Lake
Rock Creek Creek

Lake Tahoe

San Francisco
The Bay Bridge
Pac Bell Park: SF Giants vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays
The Mountain House
Sequoia Seminar
The Coastline
Geary Street
The Golden Gate Bridge
Bartron Tyler Group at San Anselmo
Lombard Street/North Beach
More Fog

Yosemite National Park

Rock Creek Again

East Sierras

Death Valley

Las Vegas Part II

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