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I use an Olympus C2000Z digital camera.

14 photos

14 more photos

A selection of photos taken in restaurants. I used the remote to take the pictures with slow shutter speed. I like motion against a still background. The waiters always provided the most motion.

Bunnytown Easter - 03.31.2002
A beautiful Easter Sunday spent with rabbits and friends, and their shadows.

This presentation is a little old. I have upgraded my digicam since taking these photos, but I think they're still interesting.

I have many more photos to be organized and presented here, please check back or bug me about it, and I'll let you know when additions are made.


San Francisco
With stops in Las Vegas, Nevada, Lake Tahoe and various spots in the Sierra Mountains, including Yosemite.

Bosque del Apache
Many cranes, geese, ducks, waterfowl of all migratory types, gather in marshes near Socorro, NM in the late fall. Such a congregation of big beautiful birds you have never seen, until now.

An experience which gave cause for many digital shutter-snappings.

Pictures from the first leg of a trip in the late spring of 2000. Images of the remainder of the drive-about should be up soon.

Four Corners Anniversary Trip
Big old rocks, god valleys, a wide green table, all around the four corners of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico


The Globe Gallery
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