Downtown Chicago

click on a photo to get a larger version

A couple of the Downtown
Chicago homeless.

This is the inside of the
place to the right.

A funky joint on
Michigan Ave.

This is the view from our
hotel room window.

In Grant Park.

Street musician near
Sears Tower.

Look at the larger version
and check out the windows
on the Field Museum.

That big fountain near
the lake.

A corner of the library

A monolith to the old economy

We had a really good
pizza at this place
(Van Buren Ave.?)

Lucy gives directions
while Todd looks on.

Couldn't resist including this one.


The same pic without Us.

This is our hotel.

Us with our good buddy
tour guide.

This and the photos below are from inside a building on Michigan Ave.
It was an interesting place with an elevator that required an operator.
I asked him, "How's the elevator business?"
He said, "Up and down...."

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